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A Purple Glass Kind of Day


A Purple Glass Kind of Day

Grace Moschetto

Lavender, or purple sea glass, is amongst the most rare find.  Pre-WWI, glass in its natural or raw greenish hue was bleached in an effort to make it clear or white.   Glass made with the chemical element and metal, manganese, Mn on the periodic table, combined with a chemical bleaching agent turned the glass a lavender/purple tint instead.  Sometime at the beginning of WWI, the chemical bleaching agent was no longer used, thus making the purple glass time traceable and most difficult to discover!  It is estimated that finding true purple glass is about 1 in 5,000 pieces.

Flash forward to 2017, nearly 100 years post WWI.  A couple on a Massachusetts beach where they grew up are spending a bright morning beachcombing and what the woman calls "prayer walking".  They are fascinated with the sea glass and its respective origin.  The energy of the glass they collect almost on a daily basis, presents an eternal amount of questions and stories as to whose hands touched this glass before them. Given the location of the beach, the fact that beaches are known to be tourist spots, and the most collected glass by them was either green, brown or white in color, (indicative of beer, wine, whiskey, soda bottles), they figured their seaside treasure was created by a bunch of people who liked to party in the 1970's.  It was much more romantic, and yet, not out of the questions to imagine that anyone from a pirate to a princess could have placed their energy on these shiny bits from the sea!   

On this particular morning, the man was on the shoreline and the woman on dry sand, closer to the cottages.  She thanked, she desired, she asked, she received.  This is what she called a prayer walk.  Though not reserved solely for the beach, as she made prayer walking part of her lifestyle, the beach held a certain level of magnetism in the receiving of her heart's desires.  Prayer walking was a self taught method of staying in life's present moment to her, and asking for signs from the Divine was thrilling; a game in a way.  That morning on her treasure hunt, she prayed hard and asked to receive at least one piece of another rarely found sea glass; cobalt blue or teal.  No sooner had she asked, she looked in just the right place at just the right time and discovered a chunk of lavender glass!  "Even better!" she thought, and then she started to laugh and was more thankful than she had ever been before.

That woman was me, and that was just a few short months ago (April, 2017).  At the time, my car had been totalled by an uninsured, reckless driver, and I was staying at the beach temporarily with uncertainty of where I was going to be living next.  I was a bit nervous for my future living situation, but there was also an odd delight to the uncertain feeling I had. The lessons I learned that morning are many, and the biggest one is to be open to allowing God (source energy, the divine, whatever your belief) to "do you one better".  Open up.  To humankind, give of yourself; the best and the most in your capacity, and allow God to give you what HE sees fit.  "Trust" is the word I am looking for here.  Trust that God will give you something better than what your mind has made up to expect.  

If this story is ringing true to you, please share the love and the message of trusting in the ultimate divine source energy.  I wish you all a purple glass kind of day.

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